Saturday June 12. 2021


Saturday June 12. 2021

The challenge

The Blue Lagoon challenge is a 60 km race through the spectacular, volcanic scenery at Reykjanes. From the town of Hafnarfjörður to the iconic Blue Lagoon

The track

Registration is at Ásvallalaug (Ásvellir 2, 221 Hafnarfjördur). Competitors ride with police escort to the start on Kaldárselsvegur (paved road) approximately 3 km away.

Shortly after the race is started the riders turn right onto Hvaleyrarvatnsvegur (smooth gravel road). From Hvaleyrarvatnsvegur, the race turns left onto Krísuvíkurvegur (paved road), which extends to approximately 8km, where riders turn right onto Djúpavatnsleið (approx 25 km).

Djúpavatnsleið is a narrow gravel road, with varied composition from loose sand to rather rocky and bumpy surface. In heavy rain this part of the race gets muddy. At the end of Djúpavatnsleið there is a feeding zone.

The riders then turn onto old Suðurstrandavegur, a hard packed wide gravel road (often very bumpy) (approx 5km), and then switch to the new Suðurstrandavegur (paved road) all the way through Grindavík (town in the south part of Reykjanes). Shortly after Grindavík there is a coarse gravel path that takes the riders to a section of paved road leading to the finish line.


The total elevation gain during the race is about 600m, and the difference between the highest and lowest elevation is about 230m.

Most of the elevation is gained on low to medium gradient slopes on paved roads, but there are some sharp but short climbs on the gravel roads, in particular on Djúpavatnsvegur.




Registration is online only. Registration fees need to be paid in full during registration. The registration fee is non-refundable. The registered competitor name can not be altered after the registration.

Registration fee

The price is ISK 7900 before Mars 1, ISK 9900 after that until April 15th. Then it is raised to ISK 10900 and to 12900 after May the 15th. On race day registration is ISK 15000 if not sold out.

At our big partytent DJ OD will be keeping the party going with some good music. We will be serving soup, fruit and more so do stay for a while and have a nice chat.


Awards ceremony

Awards will be given for in all categories, both male and female, by the finish line after 22:30

Practical information


Numbers and timing chips are available for pick up at two locations: a) Örninn Cycles, Skeifan 11d, 108 Reykjavik. From Juny 7th 13:00 – 18:00. b) Ásvallalaug (Hafnafjörður) sports-arena, from 17:30 on race day.


Neutral start from Ásvallalaug (Hafnafjörður) sports-arena at 19:40, police escort for ca. 3km to Kaldárselsvegur where timing starts with a group-start.


In the race there is one feeding zone, located at the intersection between Djúpavatnsvegur and Suðurstrandavegur, about 37 km into the race. At the finish line there will also be drinks and food.

Priority at the start line of the Blue Lagoon Challenge

Due to safety reasons stronger riders have priority to the start line of the Challenge. The race committee has put forward a list of 100 males and 20 females that will have a special color scheme on their race number to indicate a priority position at the start line.

The list is here.

If your name is not on the list but you believe it should be, please drop us a line at


In addition to competing as individuals, participants in the Blue Lagoon Challenge can register in the team-competition or firm-competition.
Competitors must be 16 years or older.


Mens and womens. Age categories:

  • 16-18 years
  • 19-29 years
  • 30-39 years
  • 40-49 years
  • 50-59 years
  • 60 years and older


Competitors can register teams of 3-5 riders. The overall score of the team is based on the three best finishing times. At least 3 riders in the team have to finish. Teams can combine genders and age groups.


Firms are invited to register teams of 3-5 staff members for the firm-competition. The overall score of the team is based on the three best finishing times.


General rules of the UCI apply (part 4 Mountain bike). If riders are in non-compliance to the rules they may be disqualified. The purpose of the rules is first and foremost to ensure the safety of riders.

  • Participants are at their own risk in the race.
  • The race shall be completed on the same bike frame, but components (including tires, wheels, fork, shifters, brakes, handlebars etc.) can be repaired or replaced in case of mechanical failures. External assistance is not allowed in such repairs.
  • All participants must wear a bicycle helmet during the race.
  • TT bars, long handle bar ends and comparable equipment is not allowed. Short handle bar ends, are allowed.
  • Any type of regular bicycle (not including recumbents) are allowed in the race. Participants are requested to ensure that any unnecessary attachment to the bikes are either removed or secured properly, in order for these to not pose risks to other riders.
  • The bike must be human powered, by a single rider. Any mechanical or electrical assistance is prohibited.
  • The race number must be fixed to the bike frame, the timing chip should be on top of the shoe aligned as flat as possible.
  • The race track is partially on open roads, and competitors must obey traffic rules at all times during the race.
  • Littering, of any trash, such as food containers, gel packets, or wrappings, tubes, etc. is strictly prohibited, and will result in either time penalty or disqualification.